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I've been one of the featured speakers at the key training and development conferences every year since 1977.  Whether it’s the American Society for Training and Development’s International Conference and Exposition, Training magazine’s various events, or Elliott Masie’s Conferences – I’m on the program, and my sessions are among the top draws and receive among the highest evaluations. Why?  Because everything I do is focused on helping others become successful – transferring what I know and can do to others – so that they are heroes in their companies and with their clients. 

And those who've submitted testimonials for my programs, products, services, and processes are like a Who's Who of Training and Performance Improvement:

  • Ken Blanchard
  • Elliott Masie
  • Mel Silberman
  • Allison Rossett
  • Don Kirkpatrick
  • Jim and Dana Robinson

Just to name a few.

And the three things I've spoken about, been interviewed about, counseled about, and have received testimonials about are...

·         Increasing management buy-in,

·         Increasing participation,

·         Increasing transfer and results and

·         Doing all three cost-effectively.

 I know how to get it done. But, you know what? This isn't about me. It's about you!

It's about you and your training and performance improvement results. And, I really would like to help you add value and make a difference in everything that you do.

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5 Amazingly Simple Things You Can Do To Add Value and Make A Difference in Your Training and Performance Improvement Efforts




Training and Performance

Improvement Mini-Course

Lesson 1: How to Effectively Open Training Programs

Lesson 2: How to Effectively Close Training Programs

Lesson 3: How to Creatively Revisit Content to Increase Retention and Application

Lesson 4: How to Get Management Support for Training

Lesson 5: How to Improve the Transfer of Training

The mini-course is FREE and only available through this offer.  It contains information similar to the creative tips and techniques you’ll find in my monthly Creative Training Techniques newsletter. If you like what you see in this mini-course, seriously consider receiving the newsletter for only $10 a month (billed annually).

I launched the Creative Training Techniques ™ newsletter membership site to show you how to do the very things we look at in the mini-course:

  • To teach you how to maximize management buy-in.
  • To teach you how to maximize participation and involvement.
  • To teach you how to reduce development time and increase retention, transfer, and application.

I’ve been writing the newsletter since 1988, but with modern technology, it’s time to take it to a new level and to provide you with greater access and more content than ever before.

"Your in-depth knowledge and professionalism shine"

Bob Pike has always been on the cutting edge of practical approaches to learning and training.  His newsletter continues that leadership, focusing our attention on the need to have complete processes for building and delivering creative training that will increase the productivity of our organizations.

The newsletter is filled with nuts and bolts, practical processes and techniques that can help you insure that you are delivering results to your organization, not merely events.

Elliott Masie

Founder, the Masie Center

Author – The Computer Trainer’s Handbook


Bottom line: You're going to learn how to increase the results from your training and performance improvement efforts, with the least amount of effort possible.

I'm not going to give you a bunch of theories and ideas.  I'm going to give you exactly what I have personally done in my business to see real results, and I’ll be bringing you the best ideas of the thought leaders in the field as well.

Instead, you're going to learn time-tested, proven-effective techniques that really do work – that get results over and over again!

You’ll be able to systematically implement tiny changes into your training and performance improvement efforts that will enable you to see immediate results month after month.

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As you can see, you'll get access everything you need in order to increase management support for training and performance improvement, improve attention, retention, and application, and increase transfer on the job, the three things that spell Success for you and your training and performance improvement work.

It's all yours as a part of the Creative Training Techniques Newsletter Membership Site. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter.


The mini-course is FREE and only available through this offer.

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